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Our Mission

Sanctuary in the City is a black led, queer -led, woman led organization founded with the awareness of the need for accessible, safe, and affirming healing spaces for ALL Black people. 

Growing and healing from race-based trauma and stress through focus on the whole self, for all Black people, is the primary purpose of this organization.

Through community programming, mutual aid funds, grant funding, and scholarships, The Sanctuary In The City focuses on equitable access to educational opportunities, access to wellness modalities, fair pay for Black practitioners and educators, and community healing events. 

The Sanctuary in the City offers workshops, community healing spaces, and other events to foster seven key pillars:

Mind-Body Wellness


Community Care

Resource Redistribution

Arts & Culture

Personal Development & Knowledge

Authentic Connection

Why Should You Support Us?

We exist within a capitalist system that demands resources and creates barriers of access within our community. Our work is centered around making access equitable, peaceful and fair. As a 501c3, we are focused on raising money to pay for programming, provide community grants and scholarships and offer mutual aid for Black people and pay a fare living wage to Black wellness practitioners and community educators. 

Every donation moves the needle forward to our intention of regular donation-based and free offerings that hold safe, affirming, and healing spaces for our community. The resources shared with us allow us to provide ease to Black people who are under-resourced in securing food, housing, medical care, mental health services and more through two mutual aid funds. Each contribution provides opportunities to support others who seek equitable access to regular classes, trainings, workshops, and healing opportunities. Our belief is that individual and collective healing are deeply intertwined. When we invest in the healing, education or expansion of an individual we are investing in the ripple of healing.

Our work is only made possible through collaboration and donations from those who see and understand the importance of this liberation work. Please consider supporting us with financial donations, supplies and space donation. Resources looks like many things and in this work we are re-imagining the possibilities when we all come together. 


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